• Image of Apparition

By Artist Wendy Lee Gadzuk

Featured in our Erotic Art Show on 02/15/2020

16 1/2 inches by 19 1/2 inches Mixed Media with 24 Karat Gold Leaf

Image of Olga
Image of Malnourished Bunny
Malnourished Bunny
Image of Blessed Stigmata
Blessed Stigmata
Image of Worth It
Worth It
Image of Nazawreck
Image of Reaper
Image of Into The Void
Into The Void
Image of The Lost and Found
The Lost and Found
Image of Queen Of Cups
Queen Of Cups
Image of Planchette
Image of The Sickness
The Sickness
Image of Spinestealer
Image of Gunfighters Diary: Revelation
Gunfighters Diary: Revelation
Image of Arrowhead Skull
Arrowhead Skull
Image of Hope Rising From The Ashes
Hope Rising From The Ashes
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